Discover new worlds
...at your virtual team event

A unique experience that your colleagues will talk about for a long time to come.
Location-independent, available worldwide, playable via Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Hangout in german or english.

Talk to me, I will make you an individual offer: Veikko Galle, info@escapeventure.com


Divide into teams of 3-20 people each. Each team plays one remote escape room (about 90 minutes).
Duration: 1.5 hours
. Price: 96 Euros per mission.

team package 1 1.5 hours

Divide into 6 teams of 5-20 people each. 3 teams play our 3 remote escape rooms at the same time (about 90 minutes) while the other 3 teams play an online escape game in parallel (about 90 minutes). After that we will swap.
Duration: 3 hours
. Price: On request

team package 2 3 hours

Divide into teams of 2-4 people each. Each team plays a browser-based online escape game via mobile device or PC (about 90 minutes).
Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: 4.90 Euros per person

team package 3 1.5 hours

Your colleagues play a real Escape Room remote from home

Your team dials in via Teams, Hangout or Zoom. You will find yourselves together in a real Escape Room spread all over the world. There you control our game master as a human avatar through an exciting mission, find clues and solve puzzles.
human avatar
Locked in a mysterious data center, you hack a social media server to stop the manipulated image campaign of an ex-president. But time is running out: Only 45 minutes remain before the game master runs out of oxygen!
Level: tricky


HackAttack human avatar

human avatar
An artifact disappears from the museum in Cairo and you should find it again. What does the shady art dealer John Drake have to do with it?
Level: Beginners


Artefacts human avatar

human avatar
Join us in this exciting remote adventure: Your spaceship is stranded on a foreign desert planet. Can you manage to get the wreckage afloat again in time?
Level: Tricky


StarWreck human avatar

Online Escape Games

Your colleagues play online from home

Your team goes on a voyage of discovery in Andalusia, Bermuda or in a deserted creepy hotel. You will go online on an exciting reality escape mission based on real events at original locations. Your team will play via mobile device or PC and communicate via teams, WhatsApp or Skype. Just like in a real escape room you find clues and solve puzzles.
Reality Escape Game
A software for artificial intelligence and the fatal Tesla accident of the journalist who researched it. Is there a connection? You're getting deeper and deeper into this.
Level: Advanced,

escape online

al9010 Reality Escape Game

Reality escape game
There are rumors about Sea Venture, which sank off the coast of Bermuda. Follow the trail of the gold ducats and explore the country and its people. According to a true story.
Level: Advanced

escape online

Bermudas wrecks Reality escape game

Reality escape game
The last barrel of a rare sherry gives you a headache. Dive into picturesque Andalusia, become a sherry expert and solve its secret.
Level: Beginner

escape online

Sherry adventure Reality escape game