Escape Game despite Corona?

Not in the mood for Corona anymore? Play our Escape Games together with your friends from home. No matter where you are - you will find yourself in an exciting live mission, find clues and solve puzzles.
with date
No matter where you are, you will find yourself together in a real Escape Room. There you will guide a human avatar through an exciting mission, find clues and solve puzzles together. You have the choice between HackAttack and StarWreck.


Remote Games with date

Instant playable
Seven young people escape from the confinement of their own four walls and spend a weekend partying together in their holiday home despite curfew. A weekend that does not end well. Only six of seven students return home. But what happened? Was it an accident? A tragic accident?
Or was it cold-blooded murder...
Help us to solve this case and solve the mysterious death of Nicolas Maison!


Curfew Instant playable

In spite of Corona, finally doing something together again with friends, colleagues and family. No matter where you are in the world - you meet in a real Escape Room and face an exciting mission together. You can all sit at different terminals, no matter where you are. Up to 6 devices can dial in worldwide.


With our remote games the experience is real (does not apply to curfew). Using different cameras you can see a real escape room on your device (mobile phone, tablet, PC). There you control your avatar - a real person, who you give instructions to via speech what he should do for you in the room. You will also be supervised by a game master who will explain everything to you at the beginning and help you if you don't get any further.


Everybody plays with their mobile device (mobile phone, tablet or PC) and you meet in a real Escape Room - no matter where you are. You can exchange information and communicate with the avatar and the game master. If the internet connection is lost, you simply dial in again and the game continues.