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Buy a gift certificate
60 minutes of fun, excitement and the ultimate adrenaline rush in a whimsical environment. The recipient gets the voucher directly after payment by PayPal or EC or credit card via email or by mail as a beautifully designed gift card. Please select a location, where the voucher should be valid.
You would like to buy a voucher from EscapeVenture? Here are the possibilities:
1. Payment by EC or credit card or via PayPal:
Please order online via 'Gutschein kaufen'
Pay directly via the payment form, which is displayed after the order process.
You will receive the voucher directly after payment via PayPal or EC or credit card automatically by email. If you would like to receive it additionally as a decoratively designed coupon card as well as a flyer by post, please send us an email with the address of the recipient or your own address or enter the shipping address in the order form after ordering.

2. Payment by bank transfer
Please send us an email with the amount of the voucher value as well as the shipping address (address of the recipient or your own address).
Then transfer the amount to the following account. You will receive the voucher by post immediately after receipt of payment.
Recipient voucher for Leipzig and Magdeburg: kiutel limited
IBAN DE55 2003 0000 0648 4037 80
Recipient's voucher for Hamburg and Braunschweig:
EscapeVenture GmbH
IBAN: DE02200400000543482400
Purpose: Voucher

3. Pick up at the store
You can pick up the voucher directly in the store and pay it in cash or by credit card or EC card: Hamburg: Grindelallee 36
Brunswick: Hamburger Strasse 268
Leipzig: Dresdnerstrasse 54
Magdeburg: Leipziger Strasse 45d

Get the voucher immediately after payment via email:
Please follow the instructions under 1.

Get a voucher by mail:
Please follow the instructions under 1. or 2.

More information about the voucher:
The voucher can be used to any game and an available time flexible without restrictions. The person who made the booking made an appointment via this website (booking appointment).
After booking (not during the booking), he can enter the voucher code including the dashes on the payment page. After the booking, the recipient receives an email with a payment link. There, too, he can still enter the voucher code. A residual amount can still be used later. If the amount is not sufficient, can be paid by PayPal or credit card or in cash on the spot. The voucher is valid for 12 months and can not be extended for technical reasons.
Give the same voucher to multiple people?
You book 3 vouchers for 2 persons or you book 1 voucher for 6 persons and we will send you two more vouchers with the same voucher number, ie 2 copies of the voucher (please send a separate email to gutscheine@escapeventure.com). The first variant is more expensive than the second variant, since the price depends on the number of people per booking.